ALTIN - The annual meeting of shareholders’ approves all proposals of the board of directors

Press Release

Baar, 16 May 2017 – ALTIN AG (SIX: ALTN)

At the annual meeting of shareholders held today, the shareholders’ approved all proposals of the board of directors as described in the invitation:

  • After taking note of the reports of the auditor, shareholders approved the annual report 2016 (statutory financial statements as well as financial statements [IFRS] and the compensation report 2016 was approved in a consultative vote. In addition, the request to carry forward the loss of the fiscal year 2016 to a new account was approved.

  • In addition, the shareholders followed Alpine Select AG, Zug and Absolute Invest AG, Zug, proposition to distribute a gross dividend of CHF 15.00 per share before deduction of 35% Swiss withholding tax. The last trading day with entitlement to receive the dividend is 17 May 2017. The shares are traded ex-dividend as of 18 May 2017 and the net dividend will be paid from 22 May 2017.

  • The members of the board of directors and the management were granted discharge.

  • In addition, Messrs Thomas Amstutz, Roger Rüegg, Gerhard Niggli and Dieter Dubs were individually re-elected as members of the board of directors, each for a one year term of office until completion of the next ordinary shareholders’ meeting. Thomas Amstutz was also confirmed as president of the board of directors and together with Roger Rüegg as a member of the compensation committee. KPMG Zurich was re-elected as the auditor of the company for another business year. The shareholders also followed the board’s proposition and newly elected HütteLAW AG, Cham as the independent proxy.

  • As already announced on 6 April 2107, Mr André Pabst resigned as a member of the board of directors to the date of today’s AGM. Thomas Amstutz expressed on behalf of the entire board his gratitude for the long-term and valuable commitment.

  • Furthermore, the shareholders approved a maximum total remuneration for the board of CHF 250 000.00 as well as a maximum remuneration of CHF 240 000.00 for the management, both for the 2018 financial year.

  • Finally, the shareholders followed the motion by the board of directors to move the company’s domicile from Baar to Zug.

At today’s ordinary shareholders’ meeting, 94.57% of all shares were represented.

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Thomas Amstutz
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