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None of the information on this website does, by itself, constitute an offering or an offering circular according to Article 652a of the Swiss Code of Obligations and is subject to change without notice. The data is intended for information purposes only and is provided without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Before making an investment, you must obtain and carefully read all information needed to evaluate the investment, including, but not limited to the documents providing important disclosures regarding risks, fees and expenses.

All Net Asset Values (NAV) are best estimates. Monthly and YTD NAV performances are based on the estimated monthly NAVs as published by Alpine Select. The NAV effect of the acquisition and consolidation of Absolute Invest is considered from April 2014 on. Published NAVs are not adjusted except for the effect of dividend distributions of Alpine Select.

While some information used on this website may have been obtained from various published and unpublished sources considered to be reliable, Alpine Select LTD neither guarantees its accuracy or completeness nor accepts liability for any direct or consequential losses arising from its use. Shares in Alpine Select are not bank deposits, and are subject to investment risks, including the loss of the principal amount invested. This investment is not guaranteed by Alpine Select LTD. Past performance is not indicative of future results.